Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rotterdam and the Hague

I've spent the last couple of days simply exploring Rotterdam and the Hague. I didn't know you could be sore from just walking, but according to Sidney, my normal pace is that of someone power walking.

A little about the places I visited:
1. Delfshaven: This is a small area in Rotterdam that has been preserved since the days of the first Pilgrims to America.
2. Euromast: A "tall" tower where one can get a 360 degree view of the city.
3. Rotterdam zoo: The most eclectic collection of animals I've ever seen. I basically saw all the animals that were featured in "The Lion King", "Madagascar", "Tarzan", and "Finding Nemo". Pretty cool!
4. The Hague Historical Museum: This museum features paintings of the history of the Hague and its residents. It also has a really gross exhibit of the tongue and finger of the De Witt brothers, murdered by the towns folk and their bodies mutilated.
5. Binnenhof: A meeting location for the Dutch parliament since the 1400s. Within its grounds include Knights' Hall, a castle of the Earls of Holland built in the 13th century.

Instead of boring you with a lot of writing, here are pictures!
Store located within Haagsche Bluf shopping centre. It's the only building that's not a replica of Jugendstil buildings. 
A couple cool buildings I saw on my way to the Euromast tower. 
The cube houses of Rotterdam - Kubuswoning
I cooked the chicken and the broccoli. :D
View from the top of the Euromast
The Ocenarium
The last example of this type of shopping arcade in the Netherlands. These were popular in both American and European cities in the late 1800's. 
A building that survived WWII in Old Haven, a neighborhood in Rotterdam.  Most of Rotterdam was decimated during the war and only a handful of buildings survived and still stand today. 
Keep your old art guys! It may be worth a lot of money someday. This was done by the artist Isaac Israels. His first charcoal drawing which he created when he was 11. Not bad!
Knights' Hall within the Binnenhof
Finger and tongue of the Johan and Cornelis De Witt. Both were prominent politicians in the mid 1600s. Unfortunately, they were blamed for the Anglo-Dutch War and were shortly murdered by angry towns folk. Their bodies were mutilated and various body parts were kept as souvenirs (as well as eaten!). This is what is left...
Oldest inn in the Hague
More Delfshaven
"Soft Drugs Prohibited". Does this mean I can snort my cocaine?
Escher at The Palace - the residence of Anthony Patras, a delegate of Friesland to the States General. I don't know who Anthony is but Napoleon spent a night here once when he was in town visiting his brother!


  1. The cube houses are interesting. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3203/2854392849_3be2dd62ae.jpg funky interior. lol power walking, a very productive sort of walk :)