Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quick Break

New York City is like a well-oiled machine that never stops. I feel like I'm always running (figuratively and literally), but in a good way. I've never liked being idle, so I feel like this city personifies how I feel most of the time. 

Anyways, I'm just taking a little break from reading to post some NYC pictures. Enjoy! :)

Jack is pouting after I told him I couldn't take him out  since I needed to study. 
I helped table at the Columbia main campus. Nothing will ever beat flyering for TR though. Fun times!
Jack is not very social with other dogs...hahaha.
Dinner with the roommates and Gina, visiting from LA. Gina is the girl with the striped shirt. I haven't seen that girl since high school despite having sort of grown up together. 
Just a little glimpse into graduate life. 
So I met this guy at a couchsurfing hang out. He CLAIMED to be Tim Henman who I did not realize is a famous retired tennis player. Anyways, he did look quite like the guy I googled though a bit too young. 
Shakespeare in the Park - Into the Woods. Amy Adams starred as the Baker's Wife! 
A T-Rex skull at the Museum of Natural History.
Small group at Albert's.
Albert playing with Jack instead of singing. I also like to use Jack as a foot rest. :D
Outside the Museum of Natural History
Outdoor Cinema in Central Park. Date night with Jack. 
Hanging with some couch surfers. 
Jack after a long walk. 
One of the many awesome views while I jog through Central Park.
Goofing around at FAO Schwartz. Albert, Sara, Robert, and Janis came to visit! 
Fashion Night Out with a couple of TC students. We got free cupcakes which made fighting through all the crowds worth it...I suppose...

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