Monday, August 27, 2012

Pictures Post

Because Santorini is literally paradise on earth, I decided to show my trip in Santorini and Athens instead of talk about it. Also, I need to save some writing energy for my updates on Paris and New York. 

At the Fish Spa in Santorini. This is where little fishes eat the dead skin off your feet. I'm extremely ticklish and spent about 10 minutes crying from laughter. 

We pretty much had to force Theo's mom to try the fish spa. Otherwise, most of her Greek trip would've been spent sitting and sleeping. 

Three different flavors of Fanta!

We went to Oia which is on the north part of the island of Santorini. It is famous for its sunset views. Honestly though, I'm pretty sure the sunset doesn't change from place to place. It is, in fact, the same sun. 

One of a handful of Tim's panoramic shots. 

I ate greek salad just about everyday. I'm lactose intolerant and thus, am not that fond of cheese. However, I fell in love with feta cheese while in Greece. 

Note to self: I make really weird faces when I eat. I should be more aware of this when on dates.

Doesn't look real does it?

After checking in to our "villa" in Santorini, our driver treated us to his homemade red wine. It's a good thing most of the store bought red wine doesn't taste that great or else I'd be in trouble..

Sneaking into the pool area at our hotel after hours. hehehe

Breakfast at Mama's house. The most rambunctious, loud, energetic, sassy woman  - that mama. Good times. :D

We got our donkey ride which we rode to the Red Beach!

The Red Beach

Posing in Ukrainian mesh tops. 

More posing in Ukrainian mesh tops. 

The Aegean Sea is extremely salty. You barely have to move to float. 

The water is crystal clear. 

My attempt to be sexy. FAIL. haha

So Theo and I saw a few European guys cliff diving and thought, why not? So here we are slowly making our way up the cliff. One of the pieces of rock I was gripping actually came off, and rock bits got all over my body and face. Fun times. 

I'm behind the guy about to jump. At this point, I 'm wondering to myself why the hell I would climb up there. 

The last moments before I jump. 

My ass hurt! I landed butt first into the salty ass water. 

There were boat shuttles to take you from beach to beach. We rode these to the White Beach and the Black Beach.

Relaxing with a pina colada at the Black Beach.

Tim found an open air cinema that happened to be one of the few local activities in Santorini. Santorini is pretty much a solely touristic island, so this open air cinema is a GEM. They also were playing The Amazing Spiderman that night. :D

This is the life. :)

Athens subway station

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